Blister packaging machine - WS 525

Unique and innovative blister packaging machine

FreeForm A/S manufactures and supplies the unique semi-automatic blister packaging machine FreeForm WS525, for combined forming, packaging and welding in one machine.

With a wide range of options, we make it possible to tailor a packaging machine to your specific needs and wishes.

The FreeForm WS525 produces optimal blister packs at low initial costs. Since the packaging machine is capable of both forming and sealing the blister, stocking pre-formed blisters is no longer necessary. In addition to just-in-time blister production, the FreeForm WS525 gives our customers maximum reliability and flexibility. With options that meet individual needs in terms of technical requirements, productivity and operator-friendly ergonomics.

The blister packaging machine includes innovative technology, unrivaled quality and CE-documented safety.

FreeForm A/S offers a total solution

When it comes to blister packaging, FreeForm A/S offers the total solution – everything from the packaging machine, molds and sealing tools to pre-cut film and sealing material. In close collaboration with the customer, we want to be part of the development of the optimal packaging for the individual product and, based on this, create a customized tool for the job.

Adapted to smaller production runs, start-ups, or the desire for outsourcing, FreeForm A/S offers subcontracting work in the form of pre-formed blisters and pre-packaging of products. All production and packaging will be done on our FreeForm WS525 packaging machine in our controlled environment production facility.

FreeForm A/S understands the connection between product design and production costs. And how they work together to create success – success we’d like to share with you.

Blister packaging machine - WS 525 with Beckhoff Control System option

Combined forming or welding tool