Foil department

At FreeForm, we have established a production plant for the production of pre-cut foils and lidding materials.
The clean room is used for the punching and cutting of consumables in a controlled environment.
Although not an officially certified cleanroom, it enables us to manufacture and deliver pre-cut foil up to medical standards so that they are suitable for subsequent sterilization.

Clean room standards
To ensure the purity of pre-cut foil and other consumables, we have established a set of guidelines with respect to:

1. Handling the raw material
All pallets with raw material from our suppliers are repackaged onto clean room certified plastic pallets in the clean room sluice before being moved into the clean room storage.

2. Cleaning
Depending on the materials being treated, we wash and clean the whole cleanroom area 2-3 times a week to eliminate the risk of cross contamination.
To reduce the accumulation of dust particles, we vacuum clean the production area each morning before production starts.

3. Handling materials
We have a strict set of guidelines with regard to how our employees must handle all materials with gloves and wearing clean room overalls and headgear to prevent fingerprints and hair from contaminating the finished products.

Material certification

Our entire stock of raw materials is 100 per cent traceable all the way back to the original producer of the raw material!
We issue material certifications for all our deliveries.


We have a large selection of consumables in stock and ready for immediate processing and shipment
1. Blister materials
- Blue tinted PET-G, from 0.3 mm up to 0.9 mm
- Transparent PET-GAG, from 0.3 mm up to 0.9 mm
- We can also supply a wide range of other thermoformable foils on request
2. Lidding materials
- TYVEK, coated
- Medical paper, coated
- Alu foil, Punch through
- Alu foil, peel
- We can also supply a wide range of other lidding on request
Packaging and shipment
Depending on customer requirements, we offer standard single bag or double bags for use in clean rooms.
We pack the processed foil and lidding material according to customer wishes.

We deliver pre-cut material all over the world at very competitive price levels.